Vassoula Vasiliou


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Nissan Motor Company
LEGOLAND Windsor & Carlsbad
Office Depot
VISA International
FS Italian State Railways
Change Health Care
P&G; Europe & USA
Nortel Network
The National Bank of Greece
The New England
The Hartford
Bank of Ireland
First Direct, Midland Bank
Telecom Italia
BAA Gatwick Duty Free Shops
LPK, Geneva, Frankfurt & USA
Ben & Jerry's
Gensler, Studio 585
Geometry, UK









Vassoula Vasiliou is a creative branding powerhouse with proven success around the globe. Following her extensive experience designing and managing branding projects for international design firms Fitch, Landor, and XMPR, Vassoula was tapped to be the in-house Creative Director for Office Depot, where she directed numerous strategic business and marketing initiatives for the private brand group. Subsequent to her tenure at Office Depot, Vassoula has continued to drive groundbreaking creative for a myriad of clients from coast to coast and internationally.

Within her career, Vassoula has successfully guided product innovation, visual brand expressions, packaging, product line segmentation and guideline systems for numerous global organizations in the Fortune 500, such as Nissan, LEGOLAND, Visa International, Italian State Railways and Office Depot, to name a few. Her roles have spanned from being a hands on Creative Director and passionate designer, to Vice President roles directing, collaborating and building partnerships with management groups across multiple business units.

Heavily involved in the design community,Vassoula is a former president of AIGA Miami and continues to mentor, educate numerous students at MAS, creating the next generation of design professionals.

Above all, Vassoula is a dynamic visionary thought leader, who inspires to build and motivate creative teams from 5 to 50+ across a variety of disciplines. She is a true advocate of the design craft and always strives to find ways to transform and innovate brands, packaging, products, and services. She merges multi-disciplinary teams, cultural perspectives, design aesthetics, brand language and trend forecasting into a cohesive visual and verbal storytelling medium that captures consumers, delivers differentiated products, builds brand loyalty, as well as delivering measurable bottom line results both B2C and B2B. This leads directly to excellent customer-focused sell-through with outstanding margins.

Core Strengths:

• Creating groundbreaking, award-winning design across a variety of touchpoints
• Delivering on brand strategy & brand architecture
• Facilitating service and design team-building workshops, to support strategic and tactical planning and execution. Trained with IBM facilitation via AIGA partnership
• Product/Service Marketing and Merchandising applied across multi omni-channels including digital, social and print platforms  
• Hands-on relationship management, inspiring others by example, building a vision for the future
• Trend forecasting, designing to support innovative product development and on-brand designs

CV available upon request.